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Feel free to download the PDF of emails.

Recent Press Coverage

Watch video from the July 17th community meeting held *at* the 43rd Avenue property.

Download the full video here.

Watch video from the July 1st community meeting held in the Nations Neighborhood.

Sorry -- the audio is very faint in a lot of places, but this is the best we can do at the moment. If there's a demand we'll see about remastering the audio.

Download the full video here.

Watch Planning Commission Meetings from April 8th, 2010, and June 10th, 2010.


Residents in the area are doing daily drive-through's at the property / road / alley in question. You can find each day's set of snapshots here.

We also have a number of older photos taken at the location. See this entire set, taken in early April, on flickr.

Mike Peden was also kind enough to let us use his photos of the same site, taken in early May. Click here to see his entire set.

Notice that the property owner is dumping material inside his own fence. Also, note the empty truck trailer. At the April 8th Planning Commission meeting the property owner stated that he had arranged for someone to remove that trailer and that it was "probably already gone". 5 weeks later the trailer is still there.

Crime Data

A concerned neighbor requested the crime records from Metro Nashville & Davidson County. We've made the arrest records available here. We've taken out the identifying information about who committed the crimes, but otherwise these are the complete arrest records for the surrounding area for the past year. This includes arrests made up to 10 or 12 blocks away from the site in question. Our layman's assessment is that the property in question has a lower incidence of crime than the Nation's neighborhood as a whole!