How You Can Help

Whether we abandon the residential neighborhood on 43rd Avenue to an industrial fate is entirely up to us.

All we need are people from the neighborhood to speak up against this change -- a change that will set a bad precedent for continued industrial expansion in a quiet residential neighborhood. Doing any or all of the things below will tip the scales in our favor!

Get versed on the issues! Read our presentation PDF!

Find everything you'll want to know about the issues in our presentation PDF. This is the same presentation that was delivered in our July 1st community meeting.

Sign the Petition

Sign it right now!

Call and email Metro Council members

Call or Email the Metro Council before the July 20th meeting and tell them you are opposed to the road abandonment at 43rd Avenue and Georgia Avenue. Give your name and address and a very brief reason why you are opposed -- keep it short: Metro Council members are busy people but they do want your feedback. IN THE SUBJECT OF YOUR EMAIL, LET THE COUNCIL MEMBERS KNOW THAT YOU OPPOSE THE 43RD AVENUE ABANDONMENT!

You can email the entire Metro Council from this page: Metro Council Feedback Form

You can also send feedback to individual Council members from that page. For a more personalized message, or to find telephone numbers to speak with Council members directly, go to The Council Member Roster Page.

Also, you can get a quick list of contact info for all Council members in this PDF.

Go in person to the Metro Council meeting on July 20th. The meeting agenda can be read online.

It's simple -- get in the car and go to the meeting. While this meeting doesn't offer a time for hearings of public opinion, our presence in numbers will make it clear that we're serious about this issue.

Here's the meeting information:

6:30p.m., July 20, 2010
Council Chamber, Downtown Metro Courthouse
Google Maps link

We know it can be difficult to get to the meeting, but if you can make it, it makes a HUGE difference.

Collect Petition Signatures

Every signature helps. Go to the Petition page and print out the petition PDF. Take it to your neighbors, educate them on the issue, and get their signature to support our neighborhood.

Watch This Space!

Right now we're trying to get our message in front of the Planning Commission. It could be that over time this zoning request ends up in front of the Metro Council. If so, we'll need to have our voices heard there as well. Keep an eye out by visiting our site, or following us (@43rdrezoning) on twitter!